City of Dover installing free outdoor lights at residencies to deter crime

DOVER, Del. – The City of Dover is working to make its communities a little safer, and the jobs of police officers a bit easier. The city is teaming up with Energize Delaware to install energy efficient LED lights on front porches, and back yard flood lights. Getting the lights installed is completely voluntary and free of charge for any resident that wants them.

The initiative is called Lights On Dover Strong. “The goal of that is to provide extra lighting throughout our neighborhoods, with the idea that additional lighting with drive down crime. Criminals obviously like to operate under the cover of darkness. This should help prevent some of that,” said Sergeant Mark Hoffman.

Police say a similar initiative was done in the downtown area back in 2017. “It does make our jobs a little bit easier. When you are on patrol, it makes things easier to see. There’s less places to hide, if you will, in the darkness. When we’re looking for whether it’s evidence or a suspect or anything in the area, obviously additional lighting helps us,” said Sgt. Hoffman.

Sgt. Hoffman says beside making policing safer and easier, the lights give residents some peace of mind. “It gives a safer feeling for neighborhoods in general as a result of criminal activity. Let’s face it, if you’re walking through your neighborhood and it’s well lit, you’re going to feel a little safer than if it’s dark and there’s nothing to see in front of you. So, this is kind of a comfort thing as well for different neighborhoods,” said Sgt. Hoffman.

Installation teams will be going around the city over the next few days to knock on doors and ask if people want the lights. If you have questions, or are interested in getting some lights installed at your home, you can call the City of Dover Clerk’s Office at (302) 736-7005.

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