Chincoteague Vol. Fire Company using $420K raised from Pony Auction for vet bills, equipment

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va.- The volunteer fire company is pleased about the money they raised from the Pony Auction and is happy to put it to good use.

For this years Pony Auction, they were able to raise over $420,000, and that was all raised virtually.

We are told by having the event virtually it allows more people to get involved.

Denise Bowden, with the volunteer fire company, said now that the auction is over, the money will help in a big way.

“Our citizens here don’t pay a fire tax so the money that we raise through the auction and what would have been carnival that we didn’t get to have this year goes to purchase those half a million dollar fire trucks and $330,000 ambulances and ya know our vet bills run anywhere from $35-45,000 a year to maintain the heard,” Denise Bowden, PIO for the Volunteer Fire Company, said.

Bowden said next year they plan to be in person with everything.

But added they haven’t ruled out doing the Pony Auction both in-person and virtually.

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