Celebrating the creation of “Chesapeake Country All-American Road”



TRAPPE, Md. – A 400-mile route from Chesapeake City to Crisfield on country roads along the Chesapeake Bay’s edge, is now one of America’s Byways, and officials say, it’s a staple for Maryland.

With the cutting of a ribbon, state and local officials celebrated the Chesapeake Country all-American road, and officials say this could hopefully expand economic opportunities, across the Eastern shore. “So to me it’s just an acknowledgment of how unique this area really is,” says U.S. Senator Ben Cardin. He adds, “It’s part of our way of life from our water-men to our farmers to those who just want to use it for recreation, it’s a special place but it requires special attention.”

We’re told this designation follows the passage of the bipartisan Reviving America’s Scenic Byways Act of 2019. Now officials say, the byway holds historical value and an opportunity to grow the economy on the Eastern Shore. “A lot of our historical and cultural resources as well as our recreational assets are all embodied in our small towns and our waterways and this project provides so much fun activity to all of that,” says Jeannie Haddaway-Roccio, Secretary of Maryland’s department of natural resources.

Officials tell 47 ABC, this past year has pushed Americans outdoors, and this new designation will help to encourage that. “It’s great to have a chance to highlight the importance of hunting, and fishing, and hiking, and biking, and how it contributes to tourism and our overall economy,” says Haddaway-Roccio. She also tells us, it’s been 12 years since anyone has had the opportunity to make something like this happen, so they’re grateful it finally came together.

Senator Cardin helped to make this possible by championing the Revival Act, and he says it’ll hopefully highlight Maryland’s history, and culture. “It recognizes that the state of Maryland is truly unique in America’s history, and it has so much to offer people who want to learn about our history and learn about our people.”

Now state and local officials also tell us, Sunday’s events is only going to continue putting Maryland on the map.

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