BVSPCA hosting cat adoption special as intakes keep coming

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GEORGETOWN, Del. – Animal shelters across the country had to change the way they operated during the pandemic – and now many of them continue to be impacted by hiring challenges. Here locally, some shelters say they’re experiencing that as well.

The Brandywine Valley SPCA says the good news is that, compared to past years, adoptions are up a whopping 35 percent this year. But the intake of animals hasn’t slowed down, and that means staff are juggling a lot with animals coming in the door every single day.

“One of the challenges that’s unique for us is being the only open access shelter in the state of Delaware. What that means is we’re taking in strays, we’re taking in cases, we can’t control necessarily what comes in to our shelter, so our staff needs to step up and handle even more animals than ever, at a time when, like everyone else, there are some hiring challenges going on,” Linda Torelli, with the shelter, said.

So in an effort to get more furry friends into their forever homes, Torelli says the Brandywine Valley SPCA is hosting an adoption special this weekend called Holy Meow! This weekend, any cat six months old or older has no adoption fee and it still includes all the perks you’d get with any normal adoption.

Now Torelli says they want to reassure people that lower prices doesn’t mean the animals aren’t going home in good hands.

“We get a question pretty often about reducing adoption fees, whether it brings in the wrong kind of adopters, when we reduce adoption fees, we don’t see any difference in return rates for animals, or in the quality of people who come in to adopt,” she said.

If you want to cash in on that adoption special this weekend, you can head to any location of the shelter. You can also look at what animals are available on their website.

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