Biker club to host benefit for member’s son battling colon cancer, seeking community support


CRISFIELD, MD.- It doesn’t take blood to be family.

Those were Amy Jefferson’s words, after finding out her Delmarva Rider’s family set up a benefit fundraiser for her son Tucker who’s fighting colon cancer. “I’m a giver, so I’m used to being on the other end. So it was really hard to accept it but at the same time I’m so beyond grateful for the love and the support,” said Jefferson.

28 year-old Tucker is her oldest of four and she says he’s an amazing young man with a heart of gold.

He was working on his dream of driving trucks and traveling the states when he got sick. “He was just so distraught and so upset and its just heart wrenching to hear anybody go through that but your own child, it sucked,” said Jefferson.

That’s why she says it meant so much for her biker family to step up the way they did. It’s something I’m told, they’re not strangers to as community outreach is their focus.

Delmarva Riders President, Mack, says he’s happy to see all the support they’re getting with Coca-Cola being one the biggest sponsors, donating 20 cases for the benefit. “We are a club full of people that are just like you and that’s all we’ve done since day one is reach out and try and help everyone and we’d definitely appreciate any return on that,” said Mack.

As for the future, Amy A-K-A Giggles, tells me it just feels good to know that the community is coming together to support her son.

With her rider family behind her, she can face anything that’s up ahead.  “And to see everything coming together and to see the support that we have, its just an amazing group of people,” said Jefferson.

The Tucker Bike Benefit will be on August 21st at Crisfield Elks. Tickets are $25 dollars and include food, a silent auction and a Bike Olympics.

To find out more information or to purchase your ticket, visit 



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