‘Beautiful pies, for beautiful people,’ the motto of a bakery trying to bring the community together with pie



VIENNA, Md. – Mandala Pies bakery hosted events throughout the week of July 28th through August 1st. The owner says, she wanted to bring some fresh baked goods, and smiles to their community.

Their motto, ‘beautiful pies, for beautiful people,’ as the bakery owner tells 47 ABC, they’re trying to bring the community together, one pie at a time. “We get to be such an asset I feel in this community,” says Caitlin LaComb, owner of Mandala Pies bakery.

Located in the quaint little town of Vienna, the owner tells us, making pies is their thing and they love it so much, they did all they could to make it through the pandemic. “We just stayed as flexible as we could paid attention to any guidelines that we had to follow, and we followed them. Whatever we had to do to keep the doors open,” says Michael LaComb, husband and business partner to Caitlin.

However, they tell us it’s more than just making delicious treats, it’s about bringing all of the community together no matter how small. “I really want everyone who walks into the store to feel at home and cozy, like they belong somewhere,” says Caitlin.

On Sunday, the bakery concluded a week long celebration of Christmas in July with holiday themed treats, music, activities, and decorations. Caitlyn says, it was nice just giving the community some holiday cheer, and a chance to plan for the future of their business. “It kind of gives our team a mental break, doing something different and then Christmas is the best time of the year for a bakery,” says Caitlin. Michael adds, “It’s just kind of like a window of what’s ahead a lot of holiday eating and we’re looking forward to it.”

Caitlin tells 47 ABC, she’s community driven and loves being around people. She says their pies could be the tool to do just that and her pies and community efforts, could be why they’re still thriving and continuing to grow every day. “I feel really fortunate compared to a lot of other businesses for how we did. We’ve been able to actually increase our teams so create more jobs for the community and bake more pie for the community,” says Caitlin.

Caitlin and Michael also tell us, they hope to continue growing in the future with their community efforts. They’re looking at doing things like Easter egg hunts, live music, and other free community events.

They also add, one day they’d like to have multiple bakeries around the world.

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