$4.6 Million in grant funding available for organizations, law enforcement can benefit


MARYLAND- $4.6 million dollars to expand public safety initiatives in Maryland, agencies, like police departments, said that’s enough to help protect their pockets.

“When the Governor sits down and finds that much money he knows where that can be helpful,” Senator Addie Eckardt said.

This state grant funding is being offered through the Governor’s Office, providing money for training, recruitment efforts, and more.

“Unfortunately, you know a lot of the agencies are just having trouble securing staff, so I would really like to see the focus be on retention of staff,” Chief Mike McDermott, with the Federalsburg Police Department, said.

“I’ve always said training is an ongoing fluid process, our law enforcement personnel must be trained in all areas so we can look at different programs such as de-escalation,” Sheriff Matt Crisafulli, with Worcester County, said.

Local law enforcement said they’re also considering using the money for improving technology and buying body worn cameras.

“We have a pretty good extensive public surveillance camera system in town, we’d like to enhance that,” Chief McDermott said.

“So, my office has been diligently working with different companies to see what product we are going to go with, so we can explore some funding through this grant,” Sheriff Crisafulli said.

But that’s not all.

Police departments said wellness programs for their officers could also be benefited by the money.

“We can also look at the mental health aspect as our law enforcement officers experience a lot of trauma and my office currently formed a robust peer support team,” Sheriff Crisafulli said.

But the funding, isn’t just limited to law enforcement.

So, Maryland Senator Addie Eckardt said she’s hopeful these funds will get into the right hands.

“There are a number of checks and balances trust me I look at a lot of letters explaining and a lot of charts explaining where the money goes and if not why not,” Eckardt said.

Senator Addie Edkardt also told us the funding doesn’t just stop with law enforcement.

She said other organizations like the Boys and Girls club can apply for it.

The deadline to apply is September 15 at 3 p.m.

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