Young local DJ inspiring others to follow their dreams



SALISBURY, Md. – Ameer Howell, a local 15 year old has been DJing since he was six years old. Now, he’s hoping to not only following his dreams but inspire others. “People knowing me around, T think that’s what I like and people knowing what I do and I like inspiring others,” says Ameer.  He adds, “I would tell myself yeah I’m going do that, that’s my dream so I’m going to accomplish that, but I never knew it was going to happen that fast.”

Ameer, who goes by DJ and 1 says his love for music started at a young age. He says it was difficult to learn, but his dad who used to be a DJ taught him, and now he wants to show people, it doesn’t matter your age, it’s about being passionate and working until you get that dream. “The music, him loving the music and how people adapt to him like everybody, men, women, children, everybody just loves him and I really appreciate that,” says Garry Howell, DJ and 1’s father and manager.

Howell tells us, he’s worked with famous rappers and seeing his son about to go on tour, is life changing for the whole family. “It gets real hard trying to keep him away from the streets and all the stuff that’s going on, so that’s what makes me work harder in this situation. Howell says he tells his son, “Just keep following your dreams, don’t stop just keep following your dreams, don’t stop if that’s what you want to do then I’m in your corner 100%.”

Ameer says his passion has blossomed, and he’s determined to make it big. “I just love music so I have to keep going with it, that’s why I stay motivated everyday.”

We’re told, DJ and 1 performs at local events and is available for booking until he goes on tour later this summer. If you want to stay up to date with him, you can follow him on Instagram.

Or you can listen to his music by clicking here.

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