Wicomico County Council members sign amendment, one step closer to tax incentive program

WICOMICO COUNTY- An amendment was signed Tuesday morning by Council members making it the first step into possibly creating a tax incentive program.

We’re told, if a bill is passed, the program could provide tax incentives for developers coming to the area.

The amendment signed Tuesday said that the county will be looking to have a certified appraiser to look at the true property value of projects once completed.

This would be instead of having the department of assessments and taxation giving them assessments.

“Well the amendment itself I think is minuscule, it’s nothing but a better means by which to create some type of oversight on the future value.” John Cannon, Wicomico County Council member, said.

“The introduction of this bill is what you would have to consider one more step towards you know creating incentives for an investment in the downtown Salisbury area,” Cannon said.

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