Travel industry prepares for busy weekend, meanwhile medical experts warn to remain cautious

DELMARVA – As travelers prepare for the holiday weekend, the travel industry has some planning of their own. According to places like the airport, and AAA  says it’s going to be busy but there are still many precautions people need to take. “It’s great to finally see people back in the terminal, people excited to go travel somewhere,” says Tony Rudy, Manager of Salisbury Regional Airport. He adds, “We’re just starting to recover now, people are getting anxious to travel again people are vaccinated, they feel more comfortable getting out in the public, so that’s great for the airport.”
However, that doesn’t mean everything is back to normal. Rudy says, numbers are definitely increasing since last year but they still have a little bit to go to reach the same numbers as pre-pandemic. According to AAA mid-Atlantic, that’s because this year people are choosing to travel by car instead of planes. “It’s one of the easiest ways to get out and travel right now where you can control the situation and where you’re going, how you’re going and what you’re possibly exposing your family to,” says Jeanette Tejeda de Gomez, Spokesperson with the AAA Mid-Atlantic.
Gomez also tells us, with more people on the road this summer they’re taking extra measures to make sure people stay safe. However, medical experts warn travel this weekend could cause some spikes in cases, especially with the delta variant on the horizon.  Dr. James Trumble with Tidal health says, it’s not time to completely drop our guards yet. “We’ve managed to avoid some of probably the worst of it that they’ve seen in other areas of the country, but we’re not immune to it either.” He adds, “As much as we don’t like it, I don’t either but it is something that we still gotta’ be very conscientious of, certainly through this weekend and into the near future.”
Now the Salisbury Regional Airport tells us, they are also working through pilot shortages since many were furloughed due to the pandemic. They’re asking travelers to be patient for the holiday weekend as things to return to a new normal.
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