The Brightside: LeCates Creates

DELMAR, Md. – What started as Christmas gifts for family and friends turned into a business for one Delmar woman. But she’s not just selling pretty accessories, she’s using it as a chance to talk about women and connect with the community.

“I think everything, every creation should have purpose,” Megan LeCates, the owner of LeCates Creates, said.

Megan is no stranger to creation. The Delmar native has been an artist for years, hand crafting original jewelry pieces for friends and family.

“I normally make stuff for the women in my family, every Christmas, and I saw this on Pinterest, and I thought oh, I can do that,” she said.

That was until November of 2020, when friends encouraged her to take a leap and sell her pieces.

“I set up a website, I had that experience from college, and then it just kind of became its own thing,” Megan said.

Before the items are posted online and eventually shipped to their new homes, Megan spends her days hand making each piece right in her home studio. It starts with cutting shapes out of clay, baking them, perfecting them with an X-acto knife, then attaching hardware and any other designs to finish the piece. But Megan says when her customers get their pieces in the mail, she doesn’t just want to send them a pretty piece of jewelry. She wants to send them a piece of history as well.

“I’m really into history, so I just started naming all of my collections after influential women, women that inspire me, women that maybe don’t have a lot of recognition that I think should be known, especially in today’s society,” she said.

While she honors women from the past and present, Megan says she also uses her pieces to honor real-life heroes, including one that the entire Delmar Community mourned together: Delmar Police Corporal Keith Heacook.

“I wanted to help the family in any way I could, and I just created this design, and I think I made like 30-40 pairs, and it sold out within minutes,” Megan explained.

She says being able to be a part of her very own community honoring the fallen Corporal was rewarding.

“I used all the supplies I had, and I donated everything I made from it, but it was just so beautiful to see how many people just purchased something so small for the meaning and purpose behind it, and I was happy to have been able to help people that way,” she said.

If you want to look at Megan’s work, you can visit her website at You can also find her on social media under the same name.

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