Summer camps aim to keep campers safe amid heat wave


SALISBURY, MD.- Camp Odyssey is back and I’m told both staff and campers couldn’t be more excited.

As the camp continues to follow many COVID safety and cleaning guidelines, they now have another factor to juggle: the heat. “We’ve been taking the precautions of looking at the weather and just making sure that if its really hot, especially with humidity or having any outdoor activities we bring them indoors,” said Assistant Camp Director Katie Serneyi.

For outdoor activities, camp organizers say they limit them to 45 minutes to an hour with breaks in-between if needed.

Health care experts urge that time of day is of the essence. “Try not to do activities in the middle of the afternoon when its 95 degrees with the bright sun over them. Do outdoor activities in the morning or the evening and keep the indoor activities for the afternoon,” said Chief Quality Officer with TidalHealth Peninsula Regional’s Dr. Chris Snyder.

Dressing lightly, finding areas to cool, and staying hydrated are easy tips to follow to avoid the dangers of dehydration. “We’re getting into August when all the soccer and football starts and we always here really bad dehydration stories and its typically because kids are drinking the wrong fluids. Even with your Gatorade’s, you have to somewhat be careful with because they’re loaded with salt,” said Dr. Snyder.

One item that has been a lifesaver for campers is something as simple as a water bottle. “The water bottles have been crucial this year and campers carry them with them. We refill them up for them and luckily we just all have a goal of staying hydrated,” said Serneyi.

Camp Odyssey will also hold a Water Play Day for all campers on Friday,  just in time to cool down from some of the heat of the week.

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