Salisbury PFLAG raising money to expand youth program

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury PFLAG needs your help in trying to apply for a grant that would expand their youth program. Executive Director Mark DeLancey says they could get up to $100,000 from an organization called A Community Thrives. But first, they have to raise $3,000 to be eligible.

DeLancey says if they do get the money, they would be partnering up with Faith Lutheran Church of Salisbury to expand programs for LGBTQ+ teens aged 12 to 18. “We’re hoping to expand it to include workshops, camping possibilities, a summer camp program, and other programs in which we’re able to fund the facilitators, the therapists, the grant administrators and all the other people involved,” said DeLancey.

It’s especially important to do that now, as many of those teens have been isolated during the pandemic, according to DeLancey. “Especially since COVID, a lot of them have been disconnected. A lot of them can’t find a way to communicate properly or to actually connect with individuals of their own age. We provide that opportunity in which they can not only connect, but also create rewarding environments,” said DeLancey.

Salisbury PFLAG has until August 13th to raise the money. If you’d like to donate, click here.

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