Pig Kissing Contest returns to the Del. State Fair for 28th year

HARRINGTON, Del. – Kissing a pig may not be on your list of things to do, but for some, it’s a no brainer when it means helping the youth.

“Scholarships are important today, it’s important to have fun, if you can have fun and raise money and help the youth that’s what it’s all about,” Doug Crouse, State 4-H Program Leader and Treasurer of Delaware State Fair Board of Directors, said.

This year will be the 28th year of the Pig Kissing Contest at the Delaware State Fair.

The Delaware 4-H Foundation sponsors the event, recruiting people to go out and raise money to support the Junior Exhibitors Scholarship.

“When we get up on stage we have some fun with them up there, they showcase their talents but then we count up all the money they raise and 100 percent of what they raise goes out to scholarships to junior exhibitors here on the Delaware State Fair Grounds,” Crouse said.

“The youth mean a lot to me so going out and doing what I’ve done this year, it’s in my heart, you know the kids are there that’s what it’s all about,” Tammy Schirmer, a University of Delaware Administrative Assistant and Pig Kissing Contest Participant, said.

But that’s not all, depending on the amount of money each participant raises, they get to lay a kiss on a pig

And you may ask, who would want to kiss a pig?

Well, Tammy Schirmer, a third year participant said she’s all about it.

“It’s fun because the leader who actually does this comes up with some unique games and gets the crowd involved in what we are getting ready to do and then when they announce the winner who gets to kiss the pig, it’s epic, it’s good,” Schirmer said.

And when I saw Tammy kissing the pig, I thought hey why not, and I got in on the action too.

But besides being able to get this experience, Tammy, as well as others, said it’s just all about making a difference.

“It’s just asking, if you ask people will contribute, you just have to ask and knowing that its going to go toward our youth,” Schirmer said.

“In 27 years, we actually have been able to raise enough through this contest to award $160,000 in scholarships,” Crouse said.

This year I’m told together all participants raised over 20,000 dollars.

And Tammy was able to kiss the pig for her third time, as she raised over $11,000 this year for the scholarship.

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