Ocean City faces criticism over waste disposal

Ocean City, Maryland- Ocean City is facing criticism over its handling of waste disposal.

Activists are calling for people to black-list the town until it starts sending its waste to a local landfill instead of a majority-Black town in Pennsylvania.

Currently, Ocean City waste is being shipped to Chester-Pennsylvania,a majority Black town over a 130 miles away.

Ocean City stopped recycling in 2010 and chose instead to burn trash to create energy.    

Incinerators like the one in Chester, and those in Baltimore, are coming under criticism for the pollution it creates.

Environementalists say this method disproportionally affects black and low income neighborhoods.

Ocean City Officials sent a statement responding to the protest.

“As a beach community, protecting natural resources is a top priority for us. We are aware of the concerns some have voiced regarding the Town of Ocean City’s solid waste management program. In 2010, the Town made the decision to incorporate energy-from-waste into our waste management system, which produces a clean, renewable energy source for cities and towns on the East Coast. Our current waste management program has also allowed us to fund and provide other key services, including participation in the Maryland Coastal Bays Program, increasing storm water management programs, and nightly cleaning of our beach during the summer to keep the environment clean for residents and visitors,” said Town of Ocean City spokesperson Jessica Waters.



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