OC Mayor and community members working to find common ground

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Town officials, civil rights leaders and community members gathered at City Hall for a conference on Monday with the mayor, a meeting community members say was much needed.

Members from the Freedom Bus ride made a final stop in Ocean City, where they met with the Ocean City mayor and discussed recent issues with police, and further concerns throughout the town.

We’re told, they discussed issues with police in the city, increasing African American owned businesses and much more. The members of the freedom bus and other civil rights leaders expressed their hope for the future of Ocean City and making it a town that welcomes everyone, and creating a better relationship with law enforcement.

Both sides say, they’re just looking for some common ground, “We wanted what we call a win, win, win. And that win, win, win was a win for the city, a win for the residents, and a win for the state overall,” says Darius A. Stanton, Vice President of the Maryland Black Caucus Foundation. He adds, “We also want to make sure residents are safe so that when they ride up next to a police officer, there’s a sigh of relief not a feeling of anxiety.”

The mayor promised members of the black caucus follow-up meetings to further discuss concerns such as body cameras, and business development in the black community.

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