“I have to keep faith and hope:” 16-year-old battling cancer for a third time

MILFORD, Del.- A non-stop battle.

That’s how life has been for Milford residents, Candice Morris and her son Axel.

The 16-year-old is battling cancer for the third time.

“He’s had to go through so many intensive chemo, his body just isn’t happy about it,” Morris said.

Axel was diagnosed with stage Four Lymphoma in 2019 with intense chemo he went into remission.

But, in 2020, Axel’s cancer was back, making him go through more chemo and this time a stem cell transplant.

“We were still really hopeful because there were other treatments available we knew we had kind of in the back pocket,” Morris said.

Candice said after the second recurrence Axel went into remission, but soon after they found out the nightmare wasn’t over.

“He started having headaches more recently, went to just get checked up and they found a one and a half-inch tumor on his brain,” Morris said.

Because of this, Axel needed to get surgery.

And when he was finished with that, they found out news that would change Axel’s life even more.

“We have since found out that they can’t cure it, so right now they are doing treatment to give him quality of life,” Morris said.

“To see the people that you love hurt and not be able to wave that magic wand and just fix it, and you know I’m a fixer I like to fix things and help people and I can’t,” Sarah Jester, a family-friend, said.

With news like this, family and friends say they have no option, but to remain optimistic.

“It’s like a no choice kind of thing, I have to keep faith and hope and I just want him to have as many years as possible,” Morris said.

And not take time for granted.

“We are going to everything that Axel’s wanted to do, so Axel wants to roller skate, Axel wants to to go to Disney world, loves to hike, loves animals, we are going to find a way to fit in everything we can every moment that we can,” Morris said.

“I want to do anything I can to help him smile, just enjoy himself ya know,” Jester said.

Below are links to help Axel and his family on his journey.




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