FFA members share the life lessons they’ve learned while caring for animals

HARRINGTON, Del. – We’re highlighting one of the key elements to the fair, animal care. More specifically, taking care of cows and how important it is to families involved in agriculture.

The Future Farmers of American (FFA) dairy lease program allows students throughout Delaware public schools, to learn to care for cows. According to families who have been involved with FFA and agriculture for years, this is a huge part of who they are.

We’re told students learn how to present cows, walk them, care for them and they learn leadership qualities they may otherwise never get. Although one family tells us, the fair is a huge event for them and the fair created a lot of challenges last year, they’re just excited to be back out doing what they love most.

“Being an officer at Lake Forest FFA, leading people teaching them how to do different things, and they learn a lot of leadership qualities and everything of that nature,” says Caleb Murphy, an officer in FFA.

His mother and advocate for agriculture also tells us, “It was a challenge, but it was something that they excepted and they did a great job and we’re back again this year, so we must not have done too bad.”

Murphy also tells us, she’s been working with animals since she was nine years old, and she’s thankful to see her kids do the same and learn life lessons, even if it’s just by taking care of a cow.

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