Eastern Shore Universities React to CDC Mask Guidance


SALISBURY, Md. –  The CDC Guidance that revises mask-wearing policy is weighing on the decision-making of college administrators on the Eastern Shore, who are deciding if their current guidance for students will remain the same in the wake of the decision.

For Salisbury University students, the school currently requires everyone to wear a mask in the classroom.

But fully vaccinated students are allowed to not wear masks when walking around campus outside.

That’s a decision made by their own Health Response team, in accordance with the University System of Maryland.

They say their guidelines are flexible and will consider the changes from the CDC.

However, it’s important to note – the CDC cannot make the University change its guidelines- only the University System of Maryland can.

“If the University System of Maryland makes a requirement, then Salisbury would follow the requirement, if the University System of Maryland makes a recommendation then Salisbury would take that into consideration but it would not necessarily be a mandate,” said SU Director of Public Relations Jason Rhodes.

Delaware State University Told 47 ABC they were in meetings on Wednesday discussing possible changes. to their masking policy.

They say an announcement will be coming soon.

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