DSP asking for public’s help in naming new Beetle

HARRINGTON, Del.- The Delaware State Police is at the state fair looking for the public’s help to name their Volkswagen Beetle.

This is the third in the lineage of Volkswagen Beetles the police have had. The first being in the 1960s, the second one replacing that one in the 1990s.

And within the last year, they just purchased the third. But before this one can get on the road, it needs a name.

Once the beetle has a name, it will help engage the community at parades and other events.

“Unfortunately, in this country right now there are people outside of law enforcement that want to right the narrative of what law enforcement is all about and we as the Delaware State Police are fully prepared to tell our own story and this beetle is going to help us with that particularly with the younger kids,” Captain J Sapp, with the Delaware State Police, said.

We are told they usually get a couple hundred ballots a night for names at the fair. And if you want to get your suggestions in you have two more days to get your ballot in at the fair.

You can also go on their Facebook page and comment on there.

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