DNREC Detects First Case of West Nile Virus in Delaware

DOVER, DE- The Delaware Natural Resources and Environmental Control say they’ve found the first case of the West Nile virus in the state.

The case was found in what’s known as a sentinel chicken, part of the state’s detection system that monitors the spread of Mosquitoes-borne illnesses by tracking if chickens placed near mosquitoes hotspots to act as a first warning for disease.

DNREC says they are gearing up their efforts to spray still water to treat and remove Mosquitoes.

Adding that the public should take steps to protect themselves as a precaution.

“This is a cause for some concern for some awareness again to avoid mosquito bites, and stand away from standing water but it’s not a cause for any alarm,” she said Doctor William Meredith.

Meredith believes that only a small minority of those who have the virus develop symptoms and of that number only a small percent are serious.

Despite that, he says the Delaware Division of public health continuously screens for West Nile at hospitals in partnership with the Delaware Division of Public Health.

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