Clean Slate legislation passes Del. General Assembly


DELAWARE – The Delaware General Assembly has passed what’s known as Clean Slate legislation, and now it’s just waiting for the governor’s signature.

In essence, the legislation would make it much easier for people who are qualified to get a record expungement. Leaders at the Delaware ACLU say with these records still following people around, it can be difficult to find housing, employment, or other things they deserve after serving their time.

John Reynolds with the organization says while there may be some misunderstandings about what expungements really are, they’re actually a good thing for the entire community.

“Expungements actually a good move, and record clearance is a good move for public safety,” he said. “There’s multiple studies out there that have shown that folks who are eligible and actually obtain expungements are less likely to commit a crime than your average person.”

While the legislation did pass in the general assembly, Reynolds says they’re not done yet. He says now their job is to make sure it’s implemented fairly and that all Delawareans are getting what they deserve.


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