Worcester NAACP holding press conference, speaking about OC arrest incident

MARYLAND-Worcester County NAACP planned a press conference for Wednesday, in Annapolis, to demand accountability and transparency when it comes to police and the use of force.

This coming after seeing the viral video of the Ocean City Boardwalk arrests where police are seen tasing and kneeing teenagers, the incident escalated after one of them refused to comply with the town’s vaping ordinance.

The President of the Worcester County NAACP told us they find the video to be disturbing.

They want to know what led up to the individuals being detained and arrested in that type of manner, and they want to know what will happen to the officers that did this.

“We are going to have a press conference and we are going to discuss some things like this,” Ivory Smith, President of the Worcester County NAACP, said.

“I would like to see justice, whatever is may be, justice because that officer and officers didn’t have to do that to that gentleman.”

We are told by another member of the Worcester County NAACP that by talking about this Ocean City incident, as well as other incidents like this one, they hope to bring positive change and eradicate future incidents similar to these.

The press conference will be held with the Maryland State Conference NAACP as well, and other groups will be there.

It will take place at the Justice Thurgood Marshall Monument at Lawyers mall in Annapolis, starting at 2.

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