Weather Tidbits: Surfaces & Temperature

Different surfaces provide different temperatures and that is the main focus on this Weather Tidbits. Grass will have a surface temperature closer to the actual air temperature; due to the amount of water content in each blade. The water content allows the grass to moderate its temperature but also how it steadier as well. However, grass in sunlight will be warmer than the actual air temperature; while temperatures will drop below the actual if its in shaded grass. Also, brown grass will be hotter than green grass; as it’s drier. Both asphalt & concrete get hot well into the triple digits; however asphalt beats concrete overall. Asphalt is the hottest surface due to it being black; which absorbs heat and does not take long to warm up but cool down. Concrete is the 2nd hottest surface due to have a lighter color, which keeps temperatures slightly cooler. Lastly, the best surface to walk your dog during the summer is grass; as a dog’s paws can burn in 5 minutes at 120° and just 1 minute at 140°.

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