Weather Tidbits: Measuring Temperature (Sun vs Shade)

Did you know there is a right way to measure temperature. While you may think putting a thermometer is convenient, it actually not considered correct. The reason for this is due to multiple factors: such as it can be in direct sun and this extra solar radiation will heat the thermometer above the actual air temperature. You also have to consider if your home has dark colors, it will absorb more heat raising its temperatures; and also nearby houses & concrete can add radiant heat. The best way to get an official recording; is to have it done in the shade away where its recording only the air temperature. The thermometer should be placed in a white Stevenson box that is 4-6 feet above the ground. The reason to choose a white paint red is to reduce heat absorption. Temperature differences on a thermometer between the shade & sunlight with other surfaces could be as highs as 15°.


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