UMES President advocates to get more money for scholarships, infrastructure

PRINCESS ANNE, Md.- Earlier this week, the president of University of Maryland Eastern Shore testified in front of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Agriculture Committee.

Dr. Anderson said this hearing gave her the opportunity to advocate for her campus in two areas, infrastructure and scholarships.

She said she among others were trying to encourage Congress to pass pieces of legislation to increase scholarships given in agriculture and science areas, and to provide funding to fix infrastructure problems.

“You help us fix our buildings, that helps us fix research that’s going to help the farmers, that’s going to help the local agriculture community, it’s a win win for everyone,” Dr. Heidi Anderson, said.

“Scholarships for students, hey you invest in students it means you’re investing in peoples’ future for their dream for a college education.”

Dr. Anderson said passing the legislation for infrastructure is also very important because at UMES there are over 80 buildings, she said their backlog of differed maintenance is 90 million dollars.

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