Statewide restaurant industry meeting emphasizes the need for workers

MARYLAND – On Thursday, a statewide restaurant industry meeting was held and taking away from that meeting, it seems as though a rough road is ahead for restaurants. State officials, restaurants owners and other partners gathered for a monthly meeting to discuss the future of the restaurant industry as we head into the summer.

It’s no secret restaurants have been struggling though the entire pandemic. However, as many prepare for the summer rush and now the statewide restaurant meeting has commenced, they say the the question still stands, can restaurants survive this?

The three main topics discussed at the meeting were the workforce shortage issue, the exhausted $28 billion relief fund, and the denial of the civil immunity senate bill. According to Bill Chambers with the city of Salisbury, restaurants are preparing for a big summer and he says something has to be done to help them.

He tells us, the worker shortage has a domino effect everywhere and getting more relief and workers in the industry may be the only way for them to get through the summer. “It’s one big mess that we all hoped would be cleaned up for the summer rush and I think what we’re going to see is a recovery but very slow and I’m afraid we’re still going to see retail and restaurants fall victim to these things,” says Bill Chambers, President and CEO of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce.

Although the meeting only highlighted what needs to be done for restaurants to survive, officials tell us, the state has to act fast to save the restaurant industry and help them make it through the summer.

Now extra unemployment benefits are set to end at the beginning of July. We’re told multiple restaurants in the area are looking for workers to start immediately.

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