Samantha Lewis: May Local Hero

LAUREL, Del. — Samantha Lewis is a firefighter EMT volunteering in Laurel. She is also employed at various departments throughout Sussex County. She is also May’s Local Hero.

“I remember, quite a few years ago, my partner and I were dispatched for a pretty severe call, and we get there, and this guy, he was not doing well. To be honest, neither of us thought that he was going to make it, but probably eight or 10 months later, we had somebody come up to us one day and thanked us for saving his life. And we’re like, ‘Oh, okay, sure.’ Come to find out, it was that guy, and he’d completely changed his life. And it was just great to see him on a different aspect, this time. You truly do see people at their worst time. And you have to remember that you’re there to help them and do the best that you can,” she said. Samantha’s contributions to local communities make her our May Local Hero.

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