Salisbury child care employee arrested on child sex abuse charges

1280 Turenne

SALISBURY, Md. – A Salisbury woman is behind bars on numerous child sex abuse charges after it was learned she was taking inappropriate photographs of children in her care.

Late last week, police received a report of sexual abuse at Stepping Stones Daycare, located at 721 S. Schumaker Driver. According to court documents, the office manager of the facility told officials that an employee, identified as 18-year-old Roseberline Turenne, had numerous photographs of children’s vaginas on her phone. It was reported that another employee saw the photographs on Turenne’s phone during their lunch break and told the office manager.

Officials then met with Turenne on scene and viewed the photographs on her phone with her consent. We’re told a minimum of six photographs of children’s vaginas were found on her found, and the children appeared to be between the ages of birth to four years old. The photographs were reportedly taken while the children were on the changing table.

Turenne allegedly told police that the photos were sent to her on the WhatsApp phone app and denied any allegations of taking the photos.

After officials observed a red mat on one changing table that matched the color of one of the changing mats in the photograph, Turenne then reportedly admitted to taking the photos at the daycare and that the children in the photos attended the facility. She did not provide a reason for taking the photos.

It was also noted in the court documents that the pictures in question on Turenne’s phone did not display the children’s faces and were focused on the vaginal area in each photograph. Each photo observed contained only one child and the children were not wearing any clothes.

Turenne’s phone was seized on scene and will be forensically examined. She is currently being held without bond on a total of 18 charges, including multiple counts each of possession of child pornography and sex abuse of a minor.

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