Redistricting meeting focuses on citizen input, transparency, and keeping the Eastern Shore united


EASTERN SHORE, Md. – As the Maryland general assembly has come to a close, the next step  is prepping for next year. That starts with re-districting, specifically on the Eastern Shore.

On Wednesday, the Governor’s redistricting commission zoning meeting began. We’re told, one of the main focuses id keeping the Eastern shore unified when it comes to representation.

According to Senator Mary Beth Carozza, they want to create future fair legislative and congressional maps, as well as staying transparent. More importantly,  Sen. Carozza says a big topic at the meeting was more involvement. She tells us, the Eastern Shore does better with single district representatives, and has more effective legislation when combined with community output. “It seemed clear to me that some of the feedback last night would be trying to put the word out more to involve more people for more input,” says Sen. Carozza. She goes on to say, “I’m going to continue focusing on citizen input, transparency, single member districts and keeping the Eastern Shore united.”

Sen. Carozza also tells us, the end of the summer will better judge how redistricting will happen on the Eastern Shore after commission members gather census data.

She also wants to remind community members across the Eastern Shore to stay involved and up to date with your representatives. If you want to learn more about redistricting in your are, just visit their website.

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