Pedestrian safety concerns as Delawareans head into summer

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DELAWARE – As Delawareans head into summer, the office for highway safety says 2021 is already bringing an up-tick in pedestrian related accidents.

The state is ahead of where it was last year around the same time in the number of fatalities. The agency says they plan to expand their campaign called “Walk smart, arrive alive, in hopes of protecting more Delawareans.

They say to wear bright or reflective clothing, carry a flashlight, use sidewalks and stay away from intersections when possible.
Part of the campaign is curb art installations, which are intended to remind people to walk smart.

DOHS tells us, it’s crucial that pedestrians be more aware this year than ever. “We definitely want to get the word out there to all Delawarean roadway users to make sure they are walking smart and walking bright,” says Cynthia Cavett with the Delaware Office of Highway Safety. “You can’t look more than enough times, you can do it the entire time you’re walking across that street, even more than four times because you need to make sure you know what’s going around and that you’re paying attention to your surroundings.”

We’re told, if you live in Delaware and want to take the pledge just text “BRIGHT” to 99000. Once you take the pledge, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $100 gift card towards Grottos pizza, which is also sponsored by Grottos.

If you want to learn more information about their campaign as well as resources, just click here.

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