New non-profit brings “light”, safe space for LGBTQ+ youth


NEWARK, DE. In Delaware,  one new non-profit is aiming to be a light for LGBTQ+ youth in the community.

The Emerald Light House’s mission is to support LGBTQ+ youth and young adults.

The organization provides guidance on ways to reduce depression, anxiety, and other topics impacting teens.

Founders tell us they saw a need for this in Delaware since there are limited resources available.

They ultimately want community members to know that they’re not alone and that the light house is a safe space. “I think it allows youth to just kind of be who they are. Speaking to someone freely without having to explain everything or give the background of everything and just kind of allowing them to be themselves,” said Co-Founder Stephanie Emmanuel-De Luna.

“We want to bring them in and have a good time. We want to have hard conversations and teach coping skills and life skills while also just allowing them to be adolescents,” said Co-Founder Christina Emmanuel-De Luna.

The organization is hosting a drop group meeting on June 24th where they will have food and an open discussion. If you would like to become a volunteer, just visit


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