‘NeighborWorks’ week, efforts to restore Central Dover

DOVER, Del. – It’s ‘NeighborWorks’ week in Central Dover and the city in partnership with neighborhood revitalization groups are celebrating their hard work and their efforts to make positive changes in their neighborhoods. “We’re coming back bigger and better than before,” says Dover Mayor, Robin Christiansen.

Six years and one pandemic later, the City of Dover is highlighting their work to make a change. In a partnership between Central Dover residents, and the National Council on Agriculture Life and Labor Research Fund’s (NCALL) “Restoring Central Dover’ plan, they say they’ve been working to make Dover a better place to live. “Community engagement, we look at economic development, housing, improving home ownership in the area, safety, arts, health and the community just as a whole, making sure it’s healthy and vibrant,” says Chanda Jackson, manager of Restoring Central Dover.

As Dover residents celebrate ‘NeighborWorks’ week, they also put their focus on the future and what needs to be done. Between the building of 33 new houses, and the upkeep of the community garden, residents and city officials say they’re amazed how much the community has come together for this project. “I don’t think people realize the strength and vitality behind the people that live in Dover and here on the Eastern shore,” says Mayor Christiansen.

Although the week is about recognizing hard work, organization leaders tell us it’s going to continue taking the efforts of the community to make Dover a better place to be, long-term. “Unity is crucial, and I think there’s power in numbers, and the more we come together the more we work together on some of the issues that we’re facing,” says Jackson.

As the mayor reflects on his time growing up in Dover and seeing the ups and downs, he tells me he wants to see it get back to its roots of business, commerce, and continuous community involvement. “Are we where we need to be, no. Are we headed where we need to be, oh certainly,” says Mayor Christiansen.

Now event organizers tell 47 ABC, there’s still a lot of work to be done in Central Dover but they’ve come a long way in the past six years.

The mayor of Dover also tells us, they’re coming out with a new campaign as they come out of the pandemic called “A New Day is Dawning in Dover.” He says it’s the city’s way of thanking the citizens, first responders, health care workers and other organizations for their hard work over the past few years, as well as through the pandemic.

If you want to find out more about restoring Central Dover or how to get started in your community, you can visit their website.

If you’re a Dover resident and still wish to participate in any of the ‘NeighborWorks” week, click here for information on ‘NeighborWorks’ week or click here for information on events for the rest of the week.

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