New park opens in Seaford

SEAFORD, Del. –  A place to camp, enjoy nature and see the historic Woodland ferry just opened up in Seaford.

Nanticoke Crossing Park Opened on Monday, June 6th, with the goal of preserving the land for generations to come.

“We wanna get people out on the river and experience nature,” said Chesapeake Conservancy Chairman Randy Larrimore.

The land was desired by development realtors until Larrimore organization, partnered with Sussex County Land Trust took interest in protecting the property.

“I thought my it would be just an incredible shame to see this property developed with condos or something we started trying to raise money and getting people together to buy this land,” Larrimore said.

Sussex County Land Trust found 5 funding partners to raise money to purchase the 41-acre plot over a period of 2 years.

“We are really excited to help conserve this beautiful place on the Nanticoke River shoreline for future generations,” Ann C. Rose, President of one of the groups that fundraised for the park, Mt. Cuba Center’s.

SCLT believes the park will offer a large variety of activities for visitors to choose from, none of which would exist had the planned housing development on the plot moved forward.

“A boat launch, a kayak trip, catching fish a picnic a campground there’s gonna be a lot of opportunity for this ground to be enjoyed,” said Chairman Casey Kenton.

The Park also ensures that all the land around the historic Woodland Ferry stays as forests and natural growth.

Larrimore had fond memories of the ferry as a child, memories he hopes will be passed down to future generations.

“This ferry is a ferry that when I was growing up my father would take us to and say we’re going on a cruise and he’d build it all up like we were crossing the Atlantic but really it was just a few minutes but it stuck with me,” he said.

He says beyond the ferry and activities, the park will also be home to various wildlife and plants that are as important to the ecosystem, as they are pretty to see.

“The park is gonna be used for people to come out and enjoy not only the river view here but the incredible variety we have of fauna and flora,” he said.

Larrimore says his group plans on the park extending the park to include waterfront areas, as well as new parks that they hope can bring new visitors and nature fans to the Seaford area.

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