Local Man needs new kidney, could be life saving

MARDELA SPRINGS, MD.- December 23, 2019, was the day that changed 79 year old, Robert Whitelock’s, life forever; the day when he found out that he needed a new kidney.

“When I heard this my world stopped, I couldn’t do nothing, I can’t go on vacations,” Whitelock said.

Whitelock, who lives in Mardela Springs, was someone who loved to be up and moving.

At one point he had three jobs, one being a Wicomico County Deputy Sheriff.

He said once he found out the bad news about his kidneys he wasn’t shocked because his mom went through the same thing.

“I’d rather have it, than my brother have it, that’s the way I feel about that,” Whitelock said.

But living with kidneys functioning at 6% is tiring and emotional Whitelock said.

Something that requires dialysis three times a day.

“You do it and it takes almost three hours, and then you have to drain it all out, and I’m what they call a slow drainer, and then it probably takes 45 minutes to get drained out,” Whitelock said.

I’m told because of his age he can’t get on a donor list.

So, the road to find a match hasn’t been easy.

He put a sign up in his front yard to find a person to save his life.

So far, 40 people have reached out, but some were rejected for medical reasons.

“I just think we cannot lose faith and hope, and we’ve been on a roller coaster for well over a year, but it’s not going to stop us, I promised him I’d get him a kidney and I don’t break my promises,” Stephanie Whitelock, Robert’s wife, said.

And while Whitelock’s wife is staying positive he just asks whoever may be able to help to please step up.

“If somebody don’t come along then I’m going to die before my time presumably,” Whitelock said. “Somewhere out there there’s a superhero, and that superheros going to come along and save my life.”

If you would like to help donate, you can call Whitelock at 410- 543-2990 or go on Stephanie Whitelocks Facebook page.

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