Live Green: Coastal Kayak

FENWICK ISLAND, DE– Every summer, visitors, and even locals, search for exciting, interactive ways to explore Delmarva. One local business takes these adventure seekers out on Delmarva’s waterways, while teaching them the importance of preserving our ecosystems.

From their love of water, wildlife and the outdoors, Mitch Mitchell and his wife, Jenifer, launched Coastal Kayak back in 1997. They offer kayak, paddleboard and sailboat tours throughout Delmarva with the hope of inspiring visitors to take care of the environment.

“One of our primary goals is to try to educate people and teach them an appreciation for the environment. So, that maybe, one day down the road they have an opportunity to help the environment,” said Mitch Mitchell.

In their efforts to do more, the owners created an eco-friendly guided kayak tour, which they call an eco-tour. Like all of their tours, this tour takes kayakers away from buzz of the beach and surrounds them with nature. But, this tour is different from the others.

“We do them on Kayaks. There’s about 1-2 people on a kayak. And the guide points out a lot of the birds and different wildlife. Plus, we go to different locations in the area and talk about the history there,” explained Mitchell.

Coastal Kayak’s eco-tour guides take the kayakers out to areas with wildlife native to Delmarva. One of the tours takes visitors to the salt marshes of Rehoboth Bay to see migrating shorebirds, while another shows visitors Assateague’s wild horses. Mitch says with unique experiences like these, he hopes people will spend more time outdoors to appreciate nature.

“I can say that a very large percentage of our customers that over the years have gone out with us have since then purchased their own kayaks. And we see them out on the water all the time. They’re definitely out there enjoying our water and the area,” stated Mitchell.

With one paddle at a time, Coastal Kayak has been teaching visitors the importance of protecting the environment and giving them a piece of Delmarva to take home in their hearts.

If you’re interested in a guided tour, the owner tells us that reservations are required and can be booked on their website. But, if you are interested in just renting equipment, you can visit them at 36840 Coastal Highway on Fenwick Island in Delaware.

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