International program helping bring foreign exchange students back into high schools

DELMARVA- As COVID restrictions start to loosen, more opportunities are becoming available again.

And that also applies for foreign exchange students coming to the United States to attend high schools.

“Since the restrictions are lifting, schools that were reluctant to accept foreign exchange students are now welcoming them 25 and just getting down in the details of waiting for the go head,” Diana Wheeler, Area Rep for International Foreign Exchange Program, said.

The International Foreign Exchange Program helps bring students from around the world to live in the US and attend high schools.

We’re told during the pandemic there was a time when many foreign students weren’t allowed to come.

“Kids went to school remote, and then what happened is the schools were hesitant to accept students for the coming year because we didn’t know what was going to happen,” Sandy Vitez, Regional Manager for International Foreign Exchange Program, said.

But now, things are starting to change.

Some schools in Delaware and Maryland are starting to welcome those students again.

Others, are still waiting to decide.

We’re told if local schools don’t provide this program this upcoming year, they could lose out on what these students have to offer.

” Just looking at the different views of the world, the diversity of the world, language, there’s just so many things that exchange students have to bring to a school,” Vitez said.

“The students do perform community service while they are here so in that aspect they really will enrich the community 58 going to different organizations,” Wheeler, said.

Another thing that the program is waiting to see is how many local host families will take part.

“Families were a little cautious because of COVID and everything, they have a lot of requests you know will the students be getting immunized and some will,” Vitez said.

While we’re told the organization is still waiting for which schools and host families, will hop on board, the program is helping as much as they can to answer their concerns.

“Everybody is a little bit nervous, they are embracing the idea , but again people are still nervous we’re trying to gather as much information as we can,” Wheeler said.

Indian River is one of the schools in Delaware expected to have some exchange students next year, but they wont find out how many until later.

A spokesperson for the Indian River School District said if you’re interested in being a host family, you should contact the high school.

We are told that Sussex Central does usually participate in the program, they currently don’t have any exchange students lined up for next year.

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