Fundraising efforts underway for 10 foot tall clock to be installed in Lewes

LEWES, Del. – The Greater Lewes Foundation and some residents are hoping to install a clock near the center of town, and they need your help. “When I mentioned it to the mayor he said ‘I’ve been thinking about that for years, and I’m glad you guys are taking it on.’ So, we have the support of the mayor and the city council. Now we’re just trying to raise the money,” said Steve Walker.

Steve and Lorraine Walker say they saw a similar clock while vacationing in Virginia. The Walkers tell 47ABC they were inspired to bring one to Lewes. “We saw one in Warrenton, Virginia on a trip last fall, and we both at once looked at it and said ‘Lewes needs a clock just like this.’ So it’s going right here under the tree. It’s a beautiful old fashioned clock,” said Steve Walker.

The couple says the clock would be installed on the corner of Second and Bank Streets. “It’ll say ‘Lewes est. 1631’, and then ‘The First Town in the First State’ on the face ,” said Steve Walker.

The clock would be made by the Verdin Co., which has been making clocks since 1842. “Steve did a lot of research and found them. We just think it’s going to be terrific to have this old fashioned clock here in Lewes,” said Lorraine Walker.

The Walkers have already donated $2,262.50 through the Steve and Lorraine Walker Fund with the Greater Lewes Foundation. But they need $22,625 in total. The campaign goal includes $6,000 to be kept with the Greater Lewes Foundation to cover ten years of inspections and maintenance. That’s why the Walkers say they’re hoping people will donate what they can to make this dream a reality. “What we’re hoping for is that a lot of people give a little bit of money, instead of just a few people giving a lot of money for it. We’d like it to be as much of a community endeavor as possible,” said Steve Walker.

Lorraine Walker says if enough money is raised in time, the clock could be installed as early as this summer. “We hope to have, when it is erected, a little celebration here at the clock for all the donors,” said Lorraine Walker.

If you’d like to help out with the fundraising effort, you can send donations to the Greater Lewes Foundation. Donations can be sent to GLF at PO Box 110, Lewes, Delaware, 19958. You can also donate online, by clicking here.

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