FDA approved Alzheimer’s treatment could help locals, but could be costly

SALISBURY, Md.- A neurologist for TidalHealth is giving input on the new FDA approved Alzheimer’s treatment and how it could impact people here.

The new treatment, known as Aduhelm,  is the first-of-its kind treatment approved for the disease.

Dr. Robert Paschall with TidalHealth said the drug was approved in a controversial manner saying that bio chemically it seems to work, but it hasn’t shown to work clinically.

Dr. Paschall told us on the Eastern Shore there’s a huge problem of dementia, a vast majority being Alzheimer’s.

So, this drug could make a difference for both patients and families if it’s successful.

“This disorder is equally as devastating to family and to the caregiver as it is to the patient and we can save caregivers lives if this drug works, however my optimism is guarded at best right now,” Dr. Paschall, Neurologist at TidalHealth Neurology and Neurosurgery, said.

Dr. Paschall said he’s already getting calls from patients about the treatment.

He said while this approved drug is first-of-its kind, it could be a gold mind for pharmaceutical companies and a nightmare for insurance companies, if they have to pay for it.

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