Dover residents granted special meeting to address uptick in crime

DOVER, Del. – Dover residents as well as the NAACP have been expressing their concerns since a report came out stating there’s been an uptick of crime. They say they want something done about it, immediately.

Those with the Delaware NAACP say, there has been increased gang activity in the city. Residents have requested a special meeting to address their safety concerns since they have reportedly been pressing the Mayor as well as the police to do something about it.

They tell 47 ABC, the community members feel unsafe in their own city. After consistent requests, the city has finally granted a special meeting which NAACP members say, is overdue but they need everyone to come out and voice their concerns. They tell us, residents livelihoods are at stake and something must be done about it.

It’s normally situations that are serious situations that could be a matter of life or death — and these are literal deaths at this point and it’s increased and it’s not gotten better. “This is a time where people are actually going to be able to be heard and their safety concerns are going to be able to be voiced and hopefully they’ll address it the proper way,” says Lachelle Paul, chair for the Central Delaware branch of the NAACP.

The meeting is scheduled to take place on June 22, 2021 at 6 p.m. at the police station. Paul asks for community members and leaders to come out and speak about issues they’re facing in Dover.

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