ACLU pushes Delaware legislature to pass more ‘Justice for all’ agenda as session nears end

Dover,Delaware-Delaware legislative session is wrapping up in just over a week.

Members of the bipartisan Legislative Black Caucus are pointing to successes in their “Justice for All” agenda this session.

“We were able to sponsor and pass legislation this pass january that added to the delaware state consitution langauge that amended discrimination for race and gender with that acnowleding that the 13th 14th and 15th amendments were never adopted by the state they were rejected in 1865 until renconstruction bills that adopted the langauge nearly 30 years later, we wanted to incorporate those amendments into our founding document,” said State Senator Darius Brown.

Senator Brown said that he credits all of the legislature with bipartisan cooperation for the agenda.

“We looked at education and how we can envision rights for all in that context, and in climate, the workplace and in government that was goal of the black caucus but also the entire Delaware legislative body,” Senator Brown said.

But activists and advocates for further reform say those measures are not enough, and the window for more action is closing.

“We have only nine more days unitl the legislature leaves session and some of the most critical reforms are still pending,” said Delaware ACLU Executive Director Mike Brickner, adding “We want to see SB149 passed before they leave for session this year.”

That bill seeks to amend the law enforcement officer bill of rights and allow complains and conduct violations to become public record, allowing for a civillian oversight board to be introduced to review and govern police bodies in the state.

Brickner said he also wants bills currently on the docket, including SB111 and 112, that allow for a clean slate for misdeamnors to be cleared  from invidual’s records after a period of time to ease with hiring and SB101, that would allow for eviction protections for tennants who were deliquint in payments that totalled less than 500 dollars, to be considered during the 9 days remaining in the legislative session.

“Talking with people here, who are at the margins, they want to see more systemic change,” Bricker said.

Brickner will be organizing a rally Wednesday in Dover to put more pressure on legislatures to pass as much of the ‘Justice for All” agenda initially introduces by the black caucus at the beginning of the legislative session.



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