What’s next for the Salisbury Zoo?



SALISBURY, Md. – You can probably expect some new additions to the zoo family at the Salisbury Zoological park, and maybe even notice a few animals missing.

Over the past few months, the Salisbury zoo has been transferring animals out to other zoo’s around the region. Although many questioned what was next, zookeepers tell 47 ABC they’re just working on some major changes.

According to a zoologist we spoke with, zoo’s go through major animal transfers for the health and safety of the animals. However,  even with the loss of major attractions like the jaguars, they say they’re able to make room for a new set of animals, Canadian lynx cats named Jane and Helga.

Brinkley Rayne, a Zoologist at the Salisbury Zoological Park says, “Things have left for a better life for various reasons and these girls are here for a better life as well.” Meanwhile, her colleague we spoke with, Chuck Eicholz the Curator, Collections and Operations Supervisor at the Salisbury Zoological Park says, “Exhibits are always changing inside, we’re always changing the enrichment and the furniture for the animals so they’re always being enriched and having fun.” He adds, “We are working on a five year plan so we are really looking at the entire collection and how we’re going to be moving forward.”

Zookeepers at the park remind visitors to keep their distance from the animal attractions, because many exotic felines and other animals are susceptible to getting COVID-19.

Although the zoo is city owned, they say they endured some major losses over the past year and are happy to accept donations to help the upkeep and upgrades for the park.

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