U.S. Senator Van Hollen tackles infrastructure in Maryland


MARYLAND.- Earlier today , U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen hosted a virtual discussion with members of the NAACP to discuss infrastructure opportunities for Maryland.

During the meeting, Senator Van Hollen focused on areas of economic development and creating more jobs in infrastructure.

The Senator also spoke about quality housing, investing in the state school systems and child care programs, and tackling the current digital divide.

He says tackling the divide means making technology affordable for all Marylanders. “So as we go through this, we have to focus not just on the connectivity of broadband, which is essential that we build that out 100%, but 100% also means every family can have affordable access to high speed internet,” said Senator Van Hollen.

Another area of focus include updating previous federal infrastructure projects that connected highways but disconnected neighborhoods and communities in areas like Baltimore.

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