Tropical Storm Andres becomes earliest named storm on record in eastern Pacific

Sloane Tropical

On May 9th, Tropical Storm Andres became the earliest named storm on record in the eastern Pacific basin. It broke the 2017 record that Tropical Storm Adrian set on May 10, 2017. The official start for the eastern Pacific hurricane season is May 15.

Tropical Storm Adrian formed on May 10, which was previously the earliest named storm on record for this basin. It had developed as a tropical depression on May 9, 2017. It was named on May 10, 2017; and by May 12, 2017, the storm was gone.

Last Friday, Tropical Storm Andres began to form southwest of Mexico. It developed into the first tropical depression of the year early Sunday morning for the eastern Pacific basin. Later in the day on Sunday, it became Tropical Storm Andres, causing it to become the earliest named storm on record for the eastern Pacific. As of Monday morning, it was located to the southwest of Mexico and had sustained winds of 40 mph. It was moving NNW at 6 mph. Due to the direction it was moving, it interacted with dry air and wind shear causing it to weaken to a tropical depression on Monday night. And as of Tuesday morning, it was forecasted to become a remnant low later in the day.

While the eastern Pacific hurricane season starts this upcoming weekend. The Atlantic hurricane season does not officially start until June 1. But, the National Hurricane Center will begin issuing Tropical Weather Outlooks (TWOs) on regular basis on May 15 for both basins. To see more information about this for the Atlantic basin, please read this previous weather blog.

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