Supporting the blue event in honor of Cpl. Heacook

DELMAR, Md. – Blue Line Network is hosting an event to honor Cpl. Keith Heacook and gather support for his family.

A network which supports first responders and their families, will host a blue sticker event. Cars can drive up, and volunteers will place a blue strip on the car at no cost but donations are appreciated and will be given to the family.

One volunteer says, this event hits close to home for her and she thinks the event will get a good turn out, as the town has constantly shown support for law enforcement, especially during the Heacook assault. “If we can give a little bit back to make the family’s life a little bit easier, then that’s what were going to do,” says Nicole Scharf, a volunteer for the Blue Line event. “The fact that this hero is going to even in death, save lives, and potentially save up to eight people’s lives with organ donations, is something that touches me and makes me want to be a part of any and all fundraising efforts for his family.”

The event is Wednesday May 5th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Kylan Bar in Delmar. Law Enforcement agencies from Delaware and Maryland will be escorting Cpl. Heacook back to Delmar on Sunday afternoon. He will be honored along the streets and neighborhoods he patrolled.

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