State officials kick-off summer, and vaccination tour

OCEAN CITY, Md. – It’s summer time and this year Maryland state officials say there’s definitely something to celebrate. To commemorate the season, a kick-off event was held right in Ocean City, and just in time for Memorial Day weekend. “I think everybody really did their part to get us to where we are,” says Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan. Governor Larry Hogan adds, “It’s just beautiful to see people without masks and out here enjoying themselves and I’m hoping to see a packed boardwalk and a full beach this weekend.”

However, the kick-off means more than just keeping tradition. State officials say, the day was also about honoring fallen heroes and first responders. While the pandemic changed many lives, officials wanted to take the day to give thanks to frontline workers. “All in one day out here recognizing the importance of Memorial day and open up the beach, what a great way to start the summer,” says Mayor Meehan.

With the displaying of the American flag, the moment captured the heart of Maryland. However, according to Governor Larry Hogan, that doesn’t mean hard times are over. “Bad news is that some people aren’t getting back in the work place and that’s something we have to address,” says Governor Hogan. “Some people have decided to stay home instead of getting back to work and that’s really impacted Ocean City.

Although many restrictions have been lifted as the state approaches 70% of Marylanders vaccinated, Governor Hogan and other city and state officials say, getting businesses back on their feet is another top priority as we head into summer. For now, officials say, the upcoming weekend is about celebrating the next step in the right direction. “We want people to feel safe, people to feel comfortable and we’re going to continue everything we can to get people safe during the summer,” says Mayor Meehan. Governor Hogan adds, “Keep in mind that it’s not over yet but we really are in a much much better place.”

Governor Hogan also says, they are going to keep pushing to get everyone who wants to be vaccinated a shot.

From May 28th through the 31st, Ocean City will be displaying 13 beams of light each day at dusk. You can find it downtown on the beach at North Division Street. The beams will serve as a beacon honoring military personnel killed in service, as well as frontline health care workers and first responders

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