Salisbury city councilwoman Michele Gregory running for Maryland State Senate District 38

SALISBURY, Md. — Salisbury City Council member, Michele Gregory, is throwing her hat into the ring, announcing her candidacy for the Maryland State Senate District 38 Democratic primary.

Gregory officially made the announcement for her campaign on Tuesday, May4th. With this news, this mean Gregory declares intention for republican incumbent, Mary Beth Carozza’s seat.

The councilwoman has served on the city council since 2019, and has worked on a number of economic, social, educational and racial issues, to improve the lives of Salisbury residents. Gregory says she’s fighting for the people of the shore, whether it be union rights, education funding, universal healthcare and more. She adds that the work starts with the people and the economy, saying it’s time to “level the playing field.” She also says, “The Maryland economy is dependent upon our workers. We must ensure all Marylanders can earn a living wage. No more carve outs and exceptions that keep our people on the Lower Shore economically repressed.

In her speech Gregory said in part quote, “If you expect better, then in 2022 you have a choice, My campaign will emphasize that with hard-work and with a focus on the people, this district will thrive.” She adds that funding will be paramount for her campaign. She promises that every dollar donated will go towards fighting for the people of the Lower Shore. You can join or donate on her new website at

The Democratic primary in Maryland is June 28th, 2022.

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