Owners of the Buzz Meadery looking to secure lot in Berlin for future family-oriented project

BERLIN, Md. — The owners of the Buzz Meadery have plans to build a community green space in Berlin, but they need the community’s help in getting the town to approve it.

Owners, Brett and Meghan Hines,  who grew up in the area, say the new place will be called the Berlin Commons. Right now,  the space on Jefferson street is just a dirt lot being used for overflow parking. Hines even goes on to call it a “eyesore to the community.” But the pair is looking to change that same lot, into a beautiful space for the whole town to enjoy, but that’s where the uphill battle begins. They need the town’s support.

We’re told  it will be a community green space for special events and outdoor dining. A place where residents and visitors can eat lunch, play games, do yoga, hang out with friends, and enjoy some mead on the weekends. It’s a space for the whole Berlin community to enjoy.

The Hines are asking for the community to take a few moments out of their busy grind and write a letter of support to the town as they face the Berlin Historic District Commission. Brett Hines tells us they are not trying to build another bar, or fund a place that is loud or dirty. Rather, a family-oriented space, where we can bring our own two toddlers to hang out for free. He adds “the challenge is really just making sure that we have enough public support, that is saying hey this what they’re trying to do and it is, and people agree with it.”

The Hines say if all goes well, the green space could be ready by the summer.

Hines says you can send notes in support of the project to the town or cduffy@berlinmd@gov and dengelhart@berlinmd.gov.
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