One group sets off on a 902 mile journey to end human trafficking

BUCKTOWN, Md.- Nine hundred and two miles to raise awareness about human trafficking.

That’s what one group, called the FreeTHEM walkers, is aiming to do on their journey from Lynchburg, Virginia to Buffalo, New York.

“I want people to know that human trafficking doesn’t have a face, it doesn’t have a look, a victim can be me, it can be you, it can be someone who looks like us 09 and we cannot wait to care when its one of our family members,” Jaleesa Robinson, Road Manager, said.

The Founder of Project Mona’s in Buffalo, which aims to help those who’ve been human trafficked, along with the other walkers, are traveling along the Underground Railroad route.

Stopping at places like here in Bucktown to pay homage to victims of slavery and the abolitionists who fought to end it.

“I realized that my ancestors were enslaved and that they were human trafficking victims and this is personal because what would they have wished for, somebody to spread awareness and to set them free,” Kelly Diane Galloway, Captain and Founder Of Mona’s House, said.

Along with trying to raise awareness about human trafficking, the group wants to collect 1 million dollars to expand their efforts through Project Mona’s house.

“Our goal is to build the largest restorative housing program for human trafficking victims, modern day enslaved people, and we already serve people in all 50 states and I think when we are done with that we will be able to serve even more,” Galloway said.

The group told us they still have a ways to go, but with the support they’ve received so far, it’s helping them push through one step at a time.

“The support has been overwhelming at times, we have had different families host us in their homes and feed us,” Robinson said.

The group will travel to other places like New Castle, Philadelphia, Auburn, and Rochester.

If you would like to help these walkers raise money for their cause, you can head to

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