Ocean City could see more seasonal housing opportunities in the future

OCEAN CITY, Md.- The Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce said with the lack of seasonal housing in the area they finally have plans for a solution to the problem.

The executive director said since working at the chamber she’s been actively finding ways to resolve the issue.

As of Monday, she presented plans to both the Mayor and city staff.

Her plan would introduce a dormitory styled building that could house J1 workers, H2B workers, and others working in OC, who don’t have affordable housing.

“There’s often been conversation that we don’t have some of the American workers because they don’t have affordable housing, this will overcome that let me be clear, this is affordable, but it will be very much tied as I mentioned to being employed in Ocean City, with an employer,” Lachelle Scarlato, the Executive Director said.

The chamber said they will work with Holtz Builders Inc.

And if all goes well, the first building would be located on Dorchester Street with hopes of opening next May.

We’re told site plans will be presented to the Town within the next few weeks.

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